Coffee around the World

Coffee is one of the top beverages consumed by people
around the world. In fact, it is the second most
popular drink next to water.

Cuppa Coffee Roasters
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Just some of the ways to brew your daily fix…


The AeroPress® has been called the ultimate tactical coffee maker. Easy to use, easy to clean and incredibly versatile, this little plastic device has taken the coffee world by storm. You can use it to make a short, intense espresso shot or a beautifully clean & rich long cup of coffee.


Many believe that what makes Chemex coffee so delicious is their proprietary bonded filters. They are specially engineered to be thicker and heavier than normal paper filters which means that they remove a higher proportion of those unwanted components within the coffee. As such, you will find less bitterness and less sediment in a cup of coffee made with them, no matter how strong you brew.


Percolators have two chambers: a lower chamber for the water and an upper area with a basket to house the ground coffee beans. As the water heats, it is forced through a vertical tube that passes over the coffee grounds before dripping back to the bottom of the pot. Unlike other brewing methods, percolator coffee is brewed multiple times. Every time the now-flavoured water drips down, it is passed once again through those grounds to create an incredibly aromatic cup of coffee.

French Press

The French press (coffee plunger) is a classic coffee maker – one that we think is under-rated. It has been around for the better part of a century, and it still is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make delicious coffee. It is also a great brew method when you are making coffee for a few people, as you can buy one in a larger size and brew more or less without affecting the flavour.

Moka Pot

Stovetop coffee makers are one of the oldest and most popular ways of making coffee in the world. The first such coffee maker was the Bialetti Moka Express which has been Italy’s most popular coffee maker since its invention in 1933.

The original Bialetti’s name is so well known that many now refer to these stovetop coffee makers as Moka Pots. Although not technically espresso makers (you need an espresso machine for that), these coffee makers make a rich concentrated brew like an espresso for a fraction of the price. They are also durable, easy to use & maintain and can serve their owners faithfully for many years.

Eva Solo

Keep morning coffee warmer for longer with this stylish Cafe Solo Coffee Maker from Eva Solo. Innovative yet simple to use, it is perfect for making your everyday brew. Spoon freshly ground coffee beans into the flask and fit the neoprene cover to keep the heat in. Add boiling water and stir using the enclosed stirrer.

Insert the filter and tip-up lid into the flask and allow the coffee to brew for 4 minutes. Depress the plunger and enjoy at your leisure or when your guests are ready for breakfast. It has a drip-free lip to make pouring mess free.

Know your bean…

Light Roast

Roasting time is batch size dependant
Light brown in colour
High acidity
Fruity smell

Medium Roast

Roasting time is batch size dependant
Medium brown in colour
Balanced flavour & acidity
Slightly sweet taste

Dark Roast

Roasting time is batch size dependant
Rich, darker in colour
Oily surface
Bitter, smoky taste