About Us

The Cuppa Coffee Blend

Nearly everyone who drinks coffee, think they know Coffee. I was the same, until we started this business. Coffee is a misleading mistress, I found out, I knew nothing about coffee. Beans from the coffee Belt, the area covering the world, where coffee is grown, is filled with different varieties and types, where do you start?

Blending Coffee lends a Roaster to make a signature coffee, to dabble a bit. Like any Roaster, I wanted to hit the mark, to stand out, to make that Coffee,” THE COFFEE!”. That coffee that makes people come back for more. That cup that makes people go,” Ahhh”.

I prefer roasting the Central American Beans. Just the names alone, Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Panama, Brazil. Those far-off countries, mountainous, lush, green, thick Forrest’s, filled with bad Hombres. Land of the Sombreros and bandanas, the colourful, Blankets with the hole in that everyone there, wears, come sweltering summers and coldest winters. Coffee Trees growing on the mountain sides, exposed to the high altitudes, cool air, and sweltering sun. Altitudes above 2400meters above sea-level. Slap Bang in the coffee belt. All the coffees from this region are strong enough to stand one their own as a single origin coffee. They don’t require blending This Central American blend has the fragrances of years of growing in these lush green high forests, the war, the poverty, the cold, the high humidity, the toil of the farmers, The rich, dark, strong fragrances, of the soils that allow the Coffee tree roots to suck up all the minerals and nutrients. The beans produced are slow grown, huge, dense beans.

I wanted my “Own” coffee, I wanted to stand out, I wanted that “Ahh”. Blending is fun, blending allows me to see what fine art is. That sculpture, chopped out of out of stone, by hard calloused hands, the artisan with his worn flannel pants, his leather apron hammer and chisel, striking with care and attention, to make the Greek God, in marble or sandstone, The brushstrokes of bright, colourful paint, on a perfect white canvass that will fill a whole wall, that makes you wonder, what was he thinking, the painter, dressed in his painting clothes, his hands covered in paint, leaking from his pallet and brush, what is he telling us.

The Cuppa Coffee Blend speaks to you, the Coffee Connoisseur, or at very least it must make you feel as such, it must make you say, “this was “a cuppa coffee” can I have more?” It started out as a blend of coffee, a bit of this a bit of that, then it became a recipe, and then it became my signature blend. The exact amount of this, the exact amount of that. Friends, clients, all who came to our roastery, had to try our coffee, their opinions sculpted this blended coffee. A deep aroma, a coffee fragrance, when you open the package, a sweet dark chocolaty coffee, a lingering, mouth full aftertaste, a satisfying feeling enveloping your body and mind. This is what a great coffee is about. Relaxing, destressing, exhilaration and acceleration when the caffeine kicks in. A singular Goal, a straight-shooting arrow, an accurate measurement. A metaphoric statement of achievement! This is our signature coffee blend.