Disposable Coffee Filter Bags x50


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Pack of 50x units.

I deal for Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting.
To make your own Ground Filter coffee of preference wherever you are!

Remove Filter from the packet.
The inscription on the filter pocket marks the top opening.
Open the Filter pocket by pulling on the Plastic tabs from the bottom.
Add 2 to 3 Teaspoon of coffee into the Filter Pocket.
Place the filter pocket on your cup/ mug by hook the Plastic Tabs properly over outsides of the Mug/Cup.
Add hot water slowly, 1st wetting the Ground coffee and allowing the water to drain through the Ground Coffee.
Repeat the filling of water only to the level of the ground coffee, and allowing the water to drain away.
Impatience and fast pouring will let water drain through, above from the ground coffee, resulting in a weak coffee.
The coffee will eventually fill to the level of the filter and coffee in the filter. Keep going until the is only space left for your milk, in the Mug/Cup.
Remove the Filter and discard. It is a once usage only, if you want to reuse, it is on your own prerogative!


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