Madagascan Vanilla 200ml


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Replace your sweetener with some flavored Coffee Syrup. Made with the finest ingredients, sugar cane, Lemon extract, Natural Flavoring. Its so versatile add to your Ice cream, pancakes, muffin mix, used as a baking flavoring aid and many more uses.

Madagascar vanilla has higher concentrations of vanillin than beans from other countries.
The Madagascan Vanilla is Rich, Creamy, Buttery, smooth like that deep husky voice that is singing a love song, hoping the isn’t a last verse, one that just goes on and on.
This is such a romance flavour, so loving, so heart-warming, rich in sound that echoes through a forest.
Open the bottle and you can’t not use this syrups.
The Vanilla Label remained the same it is just the flavour and description that has been updated.

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